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The Temperature/Conductivity logging probe is a standard logging tool for geotechnical investigations. It provides detailed information about the temperature/fluid conductivity distribution within the borehole. The borehole temperature is measured with a sensor based on a fast response semiconductor device whose output voltage changes linearly with temperature. The temperature sensor is located in a stinger at the top of sensor body in the center of the three exit ports where the borehole fluid return to the well bore. The borehole fluid conductivity is measured using a seven electrode mirrored wenner array for measuring borehole fluid conductivity. The conductivity array is an internal cylindrical array open at the bottom of the probe. Borehole fluid passes by the array as probe is lowered in the hole. The array is completely shielded from the outside borehole, so that only fluid conductivity is measured.



  • Fluid conductivity – salinity

  • Salt-water intrusion studies

  • Identification of fluid flow in open/cased hole

  • Localisation of the water table

  • Localisation of water intervals of different quality

  • Water-well monitoring

  • Geothermal gradient logging

  • Often used in the implementation of temperature compensation equations for other logs

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