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MeSy (India) Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 2001 in technical collaboration with MeSy GmbH, Germany. In the year 2009, MeSy India became independent from MeSy GmbH once they went for solvency. MeSy India has been successfully providing important input values and data for designing large infrastructure projects for underground mines, dams, road/railway tunnels, metro projects, highways, bridges and underground caverns for storages nationally and internationally using advanced borehole testing technique and logging services. MeSy India also acts as a technical arm to private and government institutions in the conduction of scientific/geotechnical research projects, and stimulates new R&D projects in collaboration with Indian Research Institutions and International Organization in the field of geotechnics, advanced mining technologies, groundwater production enhancement underground storage, geothermal energy, or earthquake hazards or induced seismicity. Some of the services provided by MeSy India are: –

  • Stress Measurement upto depth 2500m and also in horizontal boreholes

  • Permeability Testing for Coal Bed Methane Borehole depth upto 2000m

  • Ground Water Stimulation for productivity

  • Hydro-Jacking Test for Shallow and Deep Borehole

  • High Pressure Injection Test for Stimulation

  • Acoustic/Optical Imaging upto borehole depth 1000m depth Borehole

  • Gamma Gamma Logging upto Borehole depth 1000m

  • Sonic Logging upto Borehole depth 1000m

  • Resistivity Logging upto Borehole depth 1000m

  • Water Quality Logging upto Borehole depth 1000m

  • Temperature/Conductivity Logging upto Borehole depth 1000m

  • Dilatometer Test upto Borehole depth 1000m

  • Caliper Logging

  • Instrumentation


MeSy (India) Pvt. Ltd. own all modern, portable, wireless and state of art technology equipment to provide high quality/professional services to all clients related to Rock Mechanics to solve complex problems by integrated approach in combination with new ideas and experienced team. MeSy India advisory board includes leading scientists & experts of rock mechanics from all over the world.

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