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MMRT was established to manufacture measuring instruments that are used primarily for civil engineering and geotechnical applications. The Products blends the current state-of--the-art instrumentation technology with our experience in geotechnical instrumentation. MMRT brings together a unique team of engineers and business graduates who have accumulated over 30 years of rich experience in this field.

  • The range of instruments has been created out of experiences in geotechniques, which ideally meet the needs of global geotechnical practices with International Standard.

  • The company also represents world’s leading manufacturers of similar products.

Geotechnical designs and construction are always subject to uncertainties. To see through a geotechnical process and monitor field performances, engineers around the world select measuring instruments to assist in answering specific questions.

Instrumentation of a structure furnishes data to determine if the completed structure is functioning as intended and provides a continuing surveillance of the structure to warn of any unsafe developments. Means and methods available to monitor physical phenomena that can lead to a structure’s failure include a wide spectrum of instruments and procedures ranging from very simple to very complex. The deployment of these instruments at different phases of the construction process yields different benefits, adding up at the end to a holistic output- Safety.



The MMRT design team uses advanced engineering software for designing our standard products & customizing individual products as per client’s specifications/requirements.


MMRT Products uses precision machinery, operated by experienced and skilled technicians in an assembly-line manufacturing process.


MMRT has within its facilities of all advanced testing equipment to test every specification of the sensors.


MMRT has an independent team of engineers qualified to conduct training program for clients, if required.


MMRT has experienced group of installation teams to carry out installation of our instruments in all types of projects. The team is available in a short notice to travel in any part of the world.


MMRT also undertake projects on turnkey basis to supply, install and monitor using own products as well as integrate with other brands.

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