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Optical Televiewer

Similar to the acoustic televiewer but using visible light optics, the OPTV probe provides a continuous, detailed and orientated 360º true color image of the borehole walls using a unique optical imaging system. This can be rapidly interpreted, using data from the internal orientation module, to obtain a complete feature analysis that includes dip, strike, and frequency and fracture aperture.

Tool design philosophy & applications

The tool generates a continuous oriented 360° image of the borehole wall using an optical imaging system.(down hole CCD camera which records the image of the borehole wall in a prism)
The tool includes one orientation device thus allowing accurate borehole deviation data to be obtained during the same logging run.
The optical televiewer is fully downhole digital and can be run on any standard wireline.


The purpose of the optical imaging tool is to provide detailed, oriented, structural information. Possible applications are :

  • Fracture detection and evaluation

  • Detection of thin beds

  • Determination of bedding dip

  • Lithological interpretation

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